30 March 2015

Also Want One Of These Orcs

Fraser did a wondrous job on it:

But of course that's not Fraser's. This, however, is the real deal:

But £6 for a figure on ebay? It's a toughie. That paint is beautiful and thick, so the metal should be near pristine. Be fair, I'd pay that much for wine without batting an eye lid.

Update: managed to win this wee feller for £5.50. Grand stuff.

I Want One Of These Orc Champs

Really fancy tracking this guy down:

 If you sees its, lets me knows...

Update: Nailed it. £6. Can't get over the current prices on eBay, but them's the markets.

22 March 2015

Mind Blown

Never seen anything like it in my life. Rugby heaven. Don't mind the boys losing a championship like that. Wales had a shot to nothing and almost took it. Ireland and England both superb. What a way to sign off the championship.