29 October 2014

Almost There (and musings about my hair)

After 4 weeks of voluntary sobriety, I am pleased to say that I'm very nearly at the end of Sober October. Being sober for so long has probably (marginally) assisted in my weight-loss programme, and has certainly given my body a rest. I've slept better, that's for sure.  But what it has done more than anything else is give me clarity and focus. For instance, just last night, I realised how much balder I have become in the past year.  I've been receding for years, but at a slow pace.  The difference now is that the scalp at the crown of my head is finally - in parts - pushing up and out into the daylight. I've never really noticed this before, such is the incremental creep of Male Pattern Baldness, but it jumped out at me yesterday like a revelation: I'm going bald, maaaan!

I decided a couple of years back that the best way to defeat nature was by taking matters into my own hands, so I started to use clippers. That's part of the reason I haven't noticed so much, as I try  to keep a very tight crop, almost to the bone. Also my naturally silver hair (cheers Dad) has made any obvious baldness a little less noticeable.  However, any diversion from my regular clipping regime has started to highlight the natural deforestation underway on my pate. 

A further side effect of my follicular travails is what I call 'The Halo Effect,' whereby even extremely severe cropping is unable to prevent light from reflecting off of my silvery stubble in such a way as to cause me to resemble a saintly figure from a stained-glass window scene.  People have fallen to their knees in my presence due to a surprise break in the clouds seemingly causing me to be transfigured before their very eyes.  Or maybe that didn't happen, but you get the gist.

Anyway, 3 more days of sobriety left. Ho-hum, etc...

19 October 2014

Quotes of the Week

"You should stand a bit closer to the razor."

(Great-uncle-in-law Lynn commenting on my unkempt appearance.)

"I don't like peanuts..."

(Drunk step-son to nurse at A+E who asked whether he had any allergies.)

15 October 2014

Sober October

I'm 15 days into what represents a MASSIVE challenge: Sober October.  I've never been more than 14 days without a tipple since I became old enough to drink, and that was due to illness.  I'm a little and often sort of gent, and booze is a massive part of my life (but not in a health-damaging way, honest).  These are uncharted waters along the route of my life journey.  Please, if you're able, donate to my Sober October page to help MacMillan Cancer Support:

I'm off to have some lemonade...