13 January 2015

In The Land Of The Unfinished Miniature...

My usual painting efforts involve a snatched hour or two and a photo of a figure I've posted at least a couple of times but with an additional - albeit impossible to spot - daub or two.

In this instance (differing slightly from my usual modus operandi) I have taken my miniatures in progress to a nice round 3. I had a hankering to put some paint on some Skaven fur. Here it is, along with a picture of the workspace and a shot of 5 miniatures that actually have paint on them. Adieu...

4 January 2015

What a Christmas (Jeebus owes me)

Father Christmas made me ill for the entire break this year. 11 days to date. Still feeling like shit. All year I waited for this break, then I got shafted. Wiped out. All I've done is read when able. I'm stir-crazy. I've written a follow-up letter to Lapland asking for the holidays to start all over again, but I've heard nothing back yet. 9yrs in my current job and for the first time a proper bit of time off at Christmas but it's been a write-off. But hey, no one likes a complainer, so I'll just consider myself lucky to be alive, employed, surrounded by a superb family and able to look forward to good things. I even bought a cutting mat and a new daylight lamp from the internetz.  Stuff to look forward to there. And I've got a Skaven piece begging to be painted. That'll be a nice bonus for when I'm 100%.