18 May 2014

My current wrestling match

These old Citadel pieces are endearing, but a bastard to paint at times. My current work is a dwarf wizard. I'm going to give him yellow specs. I think the books will have blue covers. Still not sure how to play the cuffs and stuff. The staff might need to verge on the blacker side of affairs to balance stuff out. I dunno. I never really have a plan - probably part of the reason I've been so poor at finishing in the past.  Anyways, here's the state of play:

An old piece

This is a piece I never quite finished a couple of years or so ago at least. It's a Buddle piece. I've seen some superb interpretations of it, so I tried a new colour-scheme to see what I could turn out. Anyway, having had a fight with it, I decided enough was enough and went with the publishing option. Here he is:

14 May 2014

Oldhammer/Citadel Female Dwarf Fighter/Adventurer

By Jeeves and all his holy accoutrements, I do believe I may have finished a miniature. Quick, tell the scribes to scribe some scribblings to the local broadsheet! 

Anyway, here she is, replete in her fetching colours and dyed hair:

Picking on her uglier spots first, the metals leave a lot to be desired. The layering is too severe in some places. The sculpt was tough to handle from the hands through to the top of the axe. 

Prettier spots would be the hair, colour combos and browns. 

The eyes are iffy. 

Anyhow, this represents a success for me as I finished something.

5 May 2014

New arrivals

I've secured myself a couple of long-term desirables the past week:  Banquo and Gandalf. See how they stand so proud and tall! I also hoovered up a copy of WFB, hardback. Oldhammer era. And The Shamen, but that's music, not figures and shit. 

I also treated myself to a couple of hours in the man room, and progressed my female dwarf fighter. She's a couple of hours away from completion. Pics to follow soonish.