14 May 2014

Oldhammer/Citadel Female Dwarf Fighter/Adventurer

By Jeeves and all his holy accoutrements, I do believe I may have finished a miniature. Quick, tell the scribes to scribe some scribblings to the local broadsheet! 

Anyway, here she is, replete in her fetching colours and dyed hair:

Picking on her uglier spots first, the metals leave a lot to be desired. The layering is too severe in some places. The sculpt was tough to handle from the hands through to the top of the axe. 

Prettier spots would be the hair, colour combos and browns. 

The eyes are iffy. 

Anyhow, this represents a success for me as I finished something.

1 comment:

  1. Looks great. I like the metals. They look used.