29 July 2015

Ins and Outs and the Bigger V

Sold these:

So far bought this. Outside of the golden era but a classic sculpt:

Got lots of irons in the fire (or pewters in the fire, who knows) on eBay atm. Patience is the key. 

Also been a month since I turned vegetarian which in turn very quickly became vegan. Yes, I've gone the whole (non-animal) hog. I've not suffered from weakness or delirium as yet. In fact I'm eating an incredible amount of quality food. It helps I can cook to a reasonable standard. Cheese is the big miss for me. I love the stuff. Otherwise it's all going superbly well thanks for asking...

8 July 2015

Oldhammer Shields

"Calling all Oldhammer types, calling all Oldhammer types...shields required, shields required!"

Can someone in this wide world push me in the direction of someone or someplace producing those marvellous little plastic Citadel shields that have a hole in the middle to slip onto the moulded boss on my rank and file classic Citadel miniatures?

I'm not going to pay £1 per shield from some robbing git on eBay, and I'm sure some enterprising soul has the capacity and the will to knock them out in their thousands at a fraction of the price. I need undead, human, dwarven, elven, skaven, orcy and good ole chaos ones.

So who's got the wares? Where do I go? Would it be copyright infringement to make them? I'm shit at making stuff so I ask that last bit in the spirit of offering someone else up to make them...

7 July 2015

National 3 Peaks and the Big V

The Friday before last I set out on a road trip that nearly finished me: a drunken agreement in 2014 saw me taking part in the National 3 Peaks Challenge. I set off with trepidation which increased all the more as I realised that the company of which I was part consisted of Tough Mudder types, long-distance runners and general health-freaks. A long delay on the way to Scotland saw our travel time north increase to 14hrs from a predicted 8-9hrs. A few beers in Fort William that evening brought about a hangover situation before commencement of the challenge. To cut a long story short, we managed to get up and down all 3 mountains (Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Eryri/Snowdon) in 23hrs. The fact we did so is a testament to the skills of our driver and the fitness of the team (present company excluded - it was hellish keeping up with them). I hated every step of it until we finished, and then I loved it all. One hell of an experience.

And during all that effort I was struggling with turning veggie. It's been an unusual 3wks to say the least...