8 July 2015

Oldhammer Shields

"Calling all Oldhammer types, calling all Oldhammer types...shields required, shields required!"

Can someone in this wide world push me in the direction of someone or someplace producing those marvellous little plastic Citadel shields that have a hole in the middle to slip onto the moulded boss on my rank and file classic Citadel miniatures?

I'm not going to pay £1 per shield from some robbing git on eBay, and I'm sure some enterprising soul has the capacity and the will to knock them out in their thousands at a fraction of the price. I need undead, human, dwarven, elven, skaven, orcy and good ole chaos ones.

So who's got the wares? Where do I go? Would it be copyright infringement to make them? I'm shit at making stuff so I ask that last bit in the spirit of offering someone else up to make them...


  1. If you were to get a sample of each, you could probably try pressmoulding them. If I was looking for a significant quantity I'd even make a mould out of siligum or silicone and would make resin copies as once you have the moulds ready (a matter of minutes) it becomes really quick and easy to replicate them at will plus you have the material you need to replicate all those kind of bits we always miss.

  2. Failing being able to find some, you could always try using buttons? They come in a wide array of sizes & designs.....just have to look for a while till you find the right one's.

    Or thumb tac's, the flat brass one's. You can use them as is, or add a washer behind them to give the illusion of a rim. Delaney over at King's minis was where I came across this solution.

    Even a round bit of plastic, cut to the right size & given a decent enough paint job will look good enough. Sometimes we gamers can be a little precious about these thing's, but at a distance you wouldn't even notice.

    Cheers & best of luck :)

  3. Thanks for the help gents. Short of someone out there manufacturing them or me getting them off eBay, these are probably the best options. I fancy the resin option to be fair, but would need to speculate to accumulate in the first instance to get the masters made.