25 August 2014

BBC Article on Fighting Fantasy Books

A lovely little treat reared its head on the BBC website this morning: an article about Fighting Fantasy. The link:

I particularly enjoyed reading about the wacky religionists's responses to the dangers of Fighting Fantasy. There is also a link in the article to the furore that Dungeons & Dragons caused in it's heyday, a subject the Beeb covered back in April. 

It's superb stuff.

Edit: I just remembered a vicar coming into GW when I was a yoof. He laid it on thick. I wish I was as switched on then as I am now, as he was ripe for a put-down, probably something about us yoofs at least being aware of the fantasy (i.e., made up) element of the games we were playing, an irony a vicar might or might not have understood given his reliance on an ancient rulebook and unconfirmed sky gods.

And a marginally progressed shot of my Space Marine just because I feel guilty about my lack of painting:

10 August 2014

Heroquest Ending

Sad times at mill: after 5yrs of fun, we've completed the original campaigns on Heroquest. The stepson and nephew are 18yrs old now, but we had one final showdown and completed the final three levels over the last two nights. Great times have been had, but we'll have to delve into Kellar's Keep and Return Of The Witchlord to keep the fun going (if indeed we ever get the chance again, with one off to Uni and the other after an apprenticeship). End of an era, potentially. 

6 August 2014

Tiny Painting Success

In an attempt to simulate the high-octane world of sloth copulation by means of figure-painting, I think it's fair to say that I've possibly reached a stage that represents the removal of said sloths' clothes, or at least the female's bra. Don't get too excited now. I certainly didn't as I spent an hour squinting and painting in poor light last night:

Feel free to play 'spot-the-difference' with earlier posts, and then also feel free to feel deflated at the lack of progress.