25 August 2014

BBC Article on Fighting Fantasy Books

A lovely little treat reared its head on the BBC website this morning: an article about Fighting Fantasy. The link:

I particularly enjoyed reading about the wacky religionists's responses to the dangers of Fighting Fantasy. There is also a link in the article to the furore that Dungeons & Dragons caused in it's heyday, a subject the Beeb covered back in April. 

It's superb stuff.

Edit: I just remembered a vicar coming into GW when I was a yoof. He laid it on thick. I wish I was as switched on then as I am now, as he was ripe for a put-down, probably something about us yoofs at least being aware of the fantasy (i.e., made up) element of the games we were playing, an irony a vicar might or might not have understood given his reliance on an ancient rulebook and unconfirmed sky gods.

And a marginally progressed shot of my Space Marine just because I feel guilty about my lack of painting:

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