1 September 2014

NATO Madness

NATO is having a summit round these parts.  I'm not sure why as it has an HQ somewhere.  But we've got all sorts of stuff going on.  It starts properly 4th Sept, but it's been ages in the making.  We've got a ring of steel in Cardiff town, with fencing all around the castle route and stuff.  There are scanning points for people on foot.  There are helicopters doing the rounds.  Proper gunships.  It's like we're in the middle of a military operation.  That's probably because we're in the middle of a military operation.  There are police carrying machine guns in town.  MACHINE GUNS.  This is Wales, man: machine guns happen in films and all that.  There are police from over 40 forces down here.  The roads are chockful of police wagons, cars, 4x4 vehicles, the lot.  And it's going to get worse (or more exciting, whichever).  This is truly historic stuff.  And that means we're probably in the most dangerous place in the UK at present, especially given the terrorist threat indicator being cranked up to its second highest possible level.  Shit is imminent supposedly.  Or at least the 'chance' of some shit is imminent.  Big difference there.  The flipside is that the place is so well armed that we're most probably in the safest place in the UK.  Sweet irony.

Here's hoping that we survive this one.  Could get a bit hairy.  Obama, Merkel, Hollande... they're all turning up.  We've got a massive (metaphorical) target painted on this city.  And poor Newport!  They're hosting the actual summit at the ghastly Celtic Manor hotel.  I say ghastly, it's just pretty vulgar.  It's also 5-star, and built for business.  Whatever, I'm just waiting for the massive riot that's bound to kick off at some point.  As long as they put everything back tidy, I can handle that (just about).  Something to tell the kids and all that (disclaimer - I don't have kids).

Oh, and there are six warships in Cardiff Bay.  This is seriously serious.  Seriously.

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