8 June 2015

Ginger For A While

Clipping my hair in the bath tub on hols (enduring image, etc.), I popped out to check on my progress. Upon confronting my now bronzed reflection I was shocked at finding my head looking even more bronzed than the rest of me. Or indeed coppery. Panicking, I beckoned my wife to view the situation, imploring that she find what could only be a little cut or nick that had mingled with the sweat upon my cranial zone and somehow spread all over my head leaving me looking a little like Wes Brown without the footballing talent. There was no injury apparent. So what caused this wondrous transformation? Well, it was rust. My clippers had reacted to the warmth and wetness of these foreign climes and started to suffer for it, leaving me with a completely ginger crew cut. No photos unfortunately, but believe me when I say I lived the dream for a very short while. Not many can say that.

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