25 January 2016


I've been mulling over a few achievable goals for the new year. Granted, it's been a little while since last year ended, but i like to have a smooth glide-path into the new year without knee-jerk decisions. I spent the first week back at work enjoying the evenings in much the same way as i did at Christmas: with a tipple and a smile on my chops. I weaned myself off of the booze gradually over that week and got to grips with normality, and during that time I've formulated some reasonable aims for the year:

  • Paint x1 miniature per month. Guaranteed. No shenanigans. Just do it.
  • Cook a new vegan dish per week.
  • Do at least 6 decent mountain walks.
  • Learn to use my camera in proper manual mode and look like a pro.
  • Re-learn French (to be achieved in conjunction with painting).
  • Jog twice a week.

And as an aside, I'll be watching all the X Files episodes ever made.

Here's some examples of what's to come:

Happy New February.

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  1. Your food looks delicious! My brother-in-law has been a vegan for about 8 years now, I'm just not sure I could get on board with that!