28 September 2016

New lenses

Been getting a bit excited about taking photos of late. Wanting to build on my cheap and cheerful Canon EOS 1000d, I went and got myself a new lens to give a greater focal range. I'm no pro (and I'm not much of an amateur either, but hey-ho), so i took some advice from the esteemed and creative spacemunkie (aka Scott Symonds). I ended up with an entry-level-ish telephoto-lite lens, covering 55-250mm. Effectively, it picks up from where my standard 18-55mm lens stops, meaning that the fullest zoom on the standard one equals the lowest zoom on the new one, and the highest zoom on the new ones gives me a far greater magnification. And, unlike the standard lens, it has in-built image stabilisation, meaning i can take longer exposures in hand rather than with a tripod. I think that's the technical terminology anyway. Well, having enjoyed the new lens so much (i even packed the whole camera kit to go to Ibiza for hols), i have now also ordered the lens that goes before my standard one, giving me a 10-18mm set-up. This will be more of a wide angle lens, and better for close-ups. It will again have image stabilisation. I'm frothing at the thought of it arriving, fair play. Second-hand purchases all, as it's a pricey old game otherwise. Some shots with the 55-250mm can be seen below:

Still managed to get a little camera shake on the hanging shoes which is a bit embarrassing..

I also took out the 18-55mm for a day trip to Ibiza Town, and some shots from that are shown below:

(The last shot was of a feller with a mobile knife-sharpening rig. He wheels it around and sets it up outside a restaurant, and the kitchen staff bring out their knives. He powers a wheel by using a pedal, and that in turn causes the grindstone to turn. He has another stone for fine honing on the other side. I could have watched him all day. 

And now I'm just waiting for delivery of my newest lens, on the morrow. Grand stuff. I'm catching the bug.)


  1. Great stuff! Glad you like the 55-250. I always enjoy it when I borrow the wife's. The wide angle you've got coming requires a different approach but is great fun to use. They can become quite addictive...

  2. Going to have to start getting up close i think. The zoom lens is a bit lazy 😉. I've got to go back to that book you recommended as well, for a brush-up. Also, that book arrived,the one i said I'd ordered (another one you recommended, fair play). The one with the aerial shots of silos and stripmines, etc. Talk about absorbing. It's also horrifying. Mind blown...