28 March 2014

DE6 Marauder Dark Elf Captain success

My etherweb friend Spacemunkie (aka Scott Symonds) has flagged up the sort of stuff I was hoping to uncover to guide me in some future painting skit involving the dark elf captain I picked up off of eBay recently. Some screen grabs below. Cheers Scott man!

The smallest is a metallics version. I'm hoping someone might drag up the original citadel metallics advert. There were some interesting pieces on that ad.

Anyway, I've got my source material innit. Happy times! 


  1. A classic! Get it painted man :)
    Couldn't find the ad you were after, but stumbled on some quality nostalgia here:

    I want those inks! They were joyous to use...

    1. How did those coaties you skanked off me compare to the inks as you remember them?