19 March 2014

What I Like (part 2)

Hanging around t'tinterweb are several shit-hot sites for the seeker of Oldhammer and stuff of that era.  I regularly follow Orlygg's stuff, at realm of Chaos 80s:

The blog is a mine of information.  My favourite sections are the ones devoted to painters like the mighty, indeed legendary, Fraser Gray, a character proving difficult to track down at the moment (Orlygg is in the habit of pinning down the movers and shakers of the 80's and extracting decent interviews out of them):

I also keep an eye on Steve Casey's site, if for no other reason than to ogle at stuff he turns up from the collection of the godfather, Bryan Ansell:

I'll admit that I'm baffled by the love of unreleased stuff Steve displays, but that's just a personal thing.  I don't really see the value in unreleased stuff, as I'm coming at Oldhammer from a nostalgia viewpoint, not a 'rarities' angle.  But that in no way reduces my esteem for Steve and his blog.  His ebay auctions are excellent too, nay, incredible even.  He knows too much, and runs the Citadel Collectors Wiki on Yahoo, which is easy to track down.

I'm off to work now.  More to follow.

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