7 April 2014

Bloody hard graft, this painting shizzle

Having romanticised miniature painting in my own head, I have to point out how much effort it takes to get back to a place of decent competence. I'm enjoying what I'm doing (2 sessions thus far), but it's far from plain-sailing. I'm using Oldhammer-type figures, so there's generally a bit of extra leg-work in getting them to look as tidy as newer sculpts can be.  Some of the pieces are very quirky, which enhances my respect of the work of the old 'eavy metal pros, not to mention those who paint them in the here-and-now, turning out evocative works on tough figures.

I'm still wrestling with my coaties as well. I think I've hit on a system of shading with washes mixed with paint to reduce glossiness. I tried this mix after getting a very shiny finish on a deep, dark red, ink wash. The coaties come with inks and washes, both seeming quite different. I'm still playing with them to see what I can do, but I'm making more sense of it. 

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