3 April 2014

Painting session

Having installed a man room, my next step was to break down the psychological barriers involved in getting painting again. To this end, and with the good lady wife and the stepson away in London for a couple of days, I booked a day of annual leave.  Apart from the effects of some over-indulgence on the wine front on Tuesday night, this meant I was was looking forward to at least a few hours sat at the desk. It's hard to pull away from the usual around-the-house stuff that shapes everyday life, and it wasn't until almost midday that I sat down at the desk to paint. At first it felt awkward and a tad frustrating, but after a couple of hours I was somewhere near that place where painters zone out. That was a very good feeling. The results of my labour can be summed up as mixed, but at least I've started a new piece (dwarf wizard, citadel, the one with specs, a staff, and books under his arm). I used a wash of part citadel (hex pot) red ink and coaties black ink to shade a dark/deep red. The outcome was glossy, but I'm fighting back against that. I'm just happy that some colours went on. I'm highlighting towards a coral/pink colour, so the effect is quite glowy. 

I also painted the base on another nearly finished citadel dwarf female fighter. 

Small steps, and I've  still got paint all over my thumb. Some images to follow. 

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