13 April 2014

The Collection

Right, the collection.  Nothing to get too excited about really, but it's something at least.  It's a bit pared down now, as I have just put up 11 for auction (see the_reverend_1977 if you are interested).  Here's a group shot in all its depth-of-field shoddiness:

Anything on a base survived the cull.  From left to right, we're looking at some Talisman pieces (dwarf and elf, front), An eldar scout, spacemarine captain, ork nob (I love this piece), spacemarine veteran, a chaplain, then a wight at the front.  Behind him is a wizard (the same one as on WHFRP), then a skeleton, two familiars (front), Marauder dark elf, Marauder swordsman, and a dryad.  We then get a bit of chaos, with a blue horror (I think), a beastman, Slambo (legend), plus two other Slanneshi beastmen.  Sandwiched between all them is Sir Monne de Monte, one of my favourite ever pieces.  Classic wordplay.  Finally, there's a dwarf, front.

Some other images:

Not to neglect my perennially under-painted, incomplete figures:

I've been down the caravan all weekend, so the idea of painting was way out of my head.  I was to unwound for that jazz.

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