10 April 2014

Heroquest nicenesses

That man of many names, he who recently fled to antipodean climes, he of the talented brush and stuff, Spacemunkie himself...he's only gone and started a HQ project.  It's a modular system, mounted on some magnetic backing material.  I assume this is due to him playing with his young lad, but I'd also suggest it's to prevent bits flying everywhere when stray dice roll across the board.  And maybe also just because he could.  He's truly unfettered in his ambitions.  Some images below. 

He also said he'd send me a copy free of charge.  Now that's what I call generous, be fair.  

I'll post some more of his stuff as I see it.  He's not using the standard adventurers, but some very nice re-boots by some company or other.  Beautiful things they are.

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