10 July 2014

eBay Citadel Silliness Pt.2

Performing a u-turn, I decided to carry on with my eBay adventures via the Best Offer route, and I've actually achieved something near a satisfactory settlement for x2 pieces. The key to reaching a heightened state of eBay bliss in this instance was to make both purchases through the same seller, so as to receive a decent postage reduction. It takes comms and haggling, but the seller I was dealing with played his hand perfectly. It was the opposite of the Monty Python beard purchase scene in Life Of Brian. Very smooth. I think the Best Offer set-up is a seller's means of achieving a sensible price without the risk of a decent piece selling for 99p by accident, but without the blind stupidity of a high BIN price. A decent seller will listen to bids and haggle, but if someone feels the need to pay a bit more to secure the win then I suppose everyone is happy. Except for one bellend who had Best Offer set up on his auction but with a reserve as well as a BIN price. What a massive twat.  People like that need a good, physical drubbing, etc. 

There are so many Citadel miniatures up for grabs at any one time on eBay that I know in my very bones it should be a buyer's market, but we're not seeing the benefit. I'm definitely going to have to progress with the approach I used this time, and hopefully the experience will be as positive. The seller is a magicusermodels, which I'm more than happy to share after my positive experience.  The figs:

And have you seen the price of Skaven these days? You couldn't give them away before. Robbing bastards. 

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