5 July 2014

eBay Citadel Silliness

Genuinely miffed at my recent forays on eBay. Trying to buy Citadel miniatures for a decent price is becoming nigh-on impossible due to the biggest sellers (or a majority of them at least) upping the ante with high-end Buy It Now prices or else auctions with daft starting prices and over-priced postage costs. My hope is that we're looking at a buyers' market that's going through a blip, and a bit of sense from the buyers (and by that I mean not forking out daft amounts) might see a bit of normality restored. There are still some big sellers who will start at £0.99 and use a sensible postage policy, but it's not the norm any more. And as they're so well regarded in citadel collecting circles, they're pieces sell for high prices. Can't grumble about that, as it's what eBay is about. Flat, over-priced BIN prices do my head in though: put it out there on auction, list it in comprehensive fashion/format, and see where it all ends up. I've seen my own auctions go for just about (personally) acceptable amounts, purchased by some big sellers, only to see them re-auctioned with incredibly optimistic BIN prices. And I see them automatically relist due to the high prices, sometimes multiple times. But here's the crux: a big seller can play the waiting game, and when some dickwad finally pays the OTT price, the seller wins. They inflate the market by using this policy. And that's economics I suppose, but it is a manipulated economy. Does my head in. 

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