27 July 2014

My Top Ten Miniatures Ever

The above image has been floating around lately, as people have been listing their top ten miniatures of all time. My top ten is below. I found it hard separating out the figures from favourite paintjobs and got tangled up in all sorts of shapes. In the end I ignored the dispute in my brain and just chose stuff I like. I've thought about this over several days, farming images and all that. I could have chosen a top 50, so ten was rock. Here they are:

Sir Monne de la Monte. Great name. Paladin niceness.  Got him.

Moon Face. What?! A classic. Want him.

Wizards with chainsaws - unstoppable. Want him.

Always tickled me this one. The best of the Thruds. A bitch to paint though apparently. Want him. 

Bit of a cheat here: all the Heroquest figures. Seminal. Great memories. Got them.

A bonafide legend. Had him. Sold him. Stoopid.

Another bonafide legend: Slambo.  Got him.

Reprazenting all Ork Nobz. Got this one. Would like several more please.

Goblin wolf riders for the win. Want them, never free and easy enough to pay for them.

Humour, silliness, Snotlings. Want them.

Here's a list showing what went through my head. Throw in a liberal browse through the Combat Cards, 'Eavy Metal and saved favourites in coolminiornot, it's been exhausting:

Marauder Dark Elf
Sir Monne
Ogre Hryythog
Ork Nob
Dwarf smoking pipe
Marauder Warrior Colombari
Snotling Barrel
Kev Adams Gobbo
Snakey Chaos
Double-end Weapon Minotaur Slannesh
Thrud scratching head
Heroquest - all of
Gandalf - ME version
Jesus Fish thing
Chaos with scythe and devil sign hand
Pointy-beard Inquisitor Terminator
Orc Champion, front of Combat Cards
Dwarf stilts
Dwarf on toilet
See side of AHQ box for figures
Beakie tech marine, RT-era
Nurgle fly head
Original Leman Russ
Talisman Elf, both variations
Ork Goff Rockers

I think it's time for a rest. Doing this on a mobile phone has ruined me. 

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