1 July 2014

Greenskinz and Eldar ebay purchases

I poichased two pieces recently, stripping one down in dettol. Here are the pieces, with an additional greenskin just for the love of it all:

With the Eldar piece, I want to go either Dire Avenger style with the blue/yellow and the classic white/black plume, or else a bit more old-skool with the green/yellow look of the 80's, the type where there are reddish accents here and there and the suit looks organic. Saying that, I found a nice look in a compilation of 'Eavy Metal. Not sure how it'd come off on the Eldar piece I have, but I do have a Scout it'd suit:


The greenskin I bought is the WFB piece, just because I need to paint some skin. His face is class. The other I got very cheap for RT-era Freebooterz. Here's a nice example of it painted. Inspiring stuff:

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