4 July 2014

Flying Ant Invasion

I'm used to seeing flying ants at this time of year, but it's a different story when the blighters are using the house as a den of iniquity.  I found them squeezing out of a hole in the skirting board in the dining/kitchen area, before attempting to engage in sexual congress.  I reckon I hoovered up about 20 queens and roughly the same amount of feller ants.  Some male remnants near the french doors suggested there had already been some funny stuff.  I had to liberally employ PVA glue to seal up the skirting board.  I'm now waiting for the inevitable secondary invasion when they find their way out of another part of the skirting board, and I'm getting well twitchy the more I think about it.  They have massive underground systems don't they, and when the fliers really come out properly, it's a proper swarm.  I'm bricking it frankly.  I love nature outdoors, not indoors.  Since spring we've had to deal with a fruit fly invasion and a sustained assault from woodlice, as well as having to watch out for snails.  Now the ants.  It's like Jumanji in here.

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